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RV Rental Terms & Conditions

RV Rental Terms & Conditions in Port Coquitlam, BC

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Booking Information

Travel Trailer Rentals

If you are interested in travel trailer rentals rather than motorhome rentals, click here.

Minimum/Maximum Number of Rental Nights

A minimum of 7 nights is required for motorhome rentals and 14 nights for travel trailer rentals.

The cost of each rental is calculated on a per-night basis.


Bookings are non-transferrable. Changes to the customer's name and credit card are only permitted if the customer who initially made the booking is one of the additional drivers and is present on the pick-up day.

Changes to already confirmed bookings, such as adding or removing rental nights, can be made once at no charge. Additional changes are subject to an Amendment to Booking Fee of $50. For substantial changes to travel dates, the confirmed booking will be treated as a cancellation, and rebooking will be required, subject to the rates and conditions in effect on the day of the amendment.

All change requests must be submitted in writing to our Rental Department and require written confirmation.


We highly recommend to have travel insurance in place to protect you from unexpected circumstances.

The following cancellation fees apply if a confirmed booking is cancelled by the customer:

Number of Days Before Rental Cancellation Fee
0 - 30 days before rental No REFUND
31 - 89 days before rental 10% of total rental charges (plus taxes)
Booking confirmation date up to 90 days before pickup FREE CANCELLATION

In the unlikely event that Meridian RV must cancel a rental due to circumstances beyond its control or in unprecedented situations, all payments received to date will be refunded to the customer, which constitutes full settlement.

Meridian RV reserves the right to refuse service or any booking at its discretion.


Only credit cards or debit cards are accepted for rental charges at our rental station. Cash payments are not accepted for security reasons.

Driver Age Requirements

Individuals aged 21 and older with a valid full driver's license can rent. Learner (L) or New (N) licenses are not accepted. Any individual listed as a 'driver' on the rental contract must be physically present at the time of pick-up, or they will not be permitted to drive the vehicle.

License Requirements

All drivers must present their original national driver's license from their home country; photocopies will not be accepted. Customers with a driver's license in a non-Roman alphabet are required to provide an international driver's license for translation purposes, along with their original national driver's license.

Principal Driver/Renter

The 'principal driver' is the renter, and they must be physically present at the pick-up and drop-off to sign all necessary paperwork. The renter must be the individual who provides a valid credit card for the Security Deposit. Accepted credit card types include Mastercard, Visa, or AMEX, and the card must have at least 6 months of validity.

Travel Restrictions

Travel restrictions are in place for specific areas, and renters are prohibited from traveling north of Prince Rupert, Prince George, and Fort St. John (Hwy. 16 & 97). Additionally, travel to Mexico, outdoor festivals, events, concerts (including Burning Man), and Death Valley, California, between June 1st to August 31st is not allowed. Furthermore, travel on gravel or dirt roads, logging roads, service roads, and unnumbered roads is strictly prohibited.

The Basic Insurance coverage and the Limited Risk 'CDR' Plan become void when traveling in restricted areas, and a penalty of $1,000 may be imposed. All repairs, damages, and delays resulting from mechanical breakdowns in restricted areas are the responsibility of the renter. Meridian RV reserves the right to restrict access to specific geographic areas at its discretion and at any time.

Required First Night in Hotel

For safety reasons, all renters arriving on overseas flights must spend their first night in a hotel.

Traveling in April or October

For more detailed information about Off-Season Rentals click here.

Kilometer Charges

Kilometre packages are available for purchase either at the time of booking or on the day of pick-up. Refunds will not be issued for unused kilometres.

Northern Travel

No travel permitted north of Prince Rupert, Prince George, and Fort St. John (Hwy. 16 & 97)

US Border Crossing

Motorhomes are permitted to travel to the United States at no additional charge.

Pet Policy

No pets permitted.


Towing of trailers or similar is not permitted. No storage of large items on the RV roof. No bikes are permitted in the motorhomes or the outside compartments (bike racks must be used for bikes).

No Smoking/Vaping Policy

Smoking/Vaping is strictly prohibited in all motorhomes and trailers.

Commercial Rentals

Commercial rentals are not permitted without prior authorization.

Number of Passengers

No traveling with more people than confirmed in booking.

Seat Belts

Seat belts are mandatory for all passengers when vehicle is in motion. It is not recommended for children under the age of 12 years to travel sitting in the passenger's seat.

Not all seat belts are facing the direction of travel.

Children Traveling Along

When traveling with children it is essential to inform Meridian RV their respective ages. Our motorhomes are equipped with 1 tether anchor, 2-5 lap belts in the main cabin, and 2 three-point harness seat belts in the driving cab.

Motorhomes can accommodate one child car seat (either rear-facing or forward facing) at the dinette. In some RV models the dinette table cannot be removed and can only be lowered when a child seat is installed, in such cases this does not allow for adults to sit in the dinette when travelling. A booster seat can only be installed with a three-point harness seat belt in the driving cab area, specifically on the passenger's seat. It is not advisable for children under the age of 12 years to travel in the front seat of the motorhome. Meridian RV staff are not permitted to assist with the installation of car seats.

For more detailed information about our child seat guidelines click here.

Customers Taking Ferries

It is advisable not to book a reservation for a ferry sailing before 7:00pm. This recommendation is made in consideration that pick-up appointments may extend up to 2 hours, and the drive to the ferry terminal can take an hour or longer. BC Ferries advises passengers with reservations to arrive at the terminal at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure to prevent the risk of losing their reservation. We cannot adjust our rental pickup schedule to accommodate customers with reservations on earlier ferries due to logistical constraints.

Please note that we recommend that customers reserve a spot on the ferry for a unit one size larger than originally booked, just in case an upgrade to a larger unit is necessary when they pick up.

Campground Reservations

Campground reservations are highly recommended, especially for High Season, holidays, and weekends. We recommend to reserve a campsite for an RV up to 30 feet, due to possible upgrades.

2024 Holidays

Meridian RV does not offer pick-ups or drop-offs on Sundays or holidays.

  • Jan 1
    (New Year's Day Observed)
  • Feb 19
    (Family Day)
  • March 29
    (Good Friday)
  • April 1
    (Easter Monday)
  •  May 20
    (Victoria Day)
  • July 1
    (Canada Day)
  • Aug 5
    (BC Day)
  • Sept 2
    (Labour Day)
  •  Sept 30
    (Truth & Reconciliation Day)
  •  Oct 14
    (Thanksgiving Day)
  • Nov 11
    (Remembrance Day)
  • Dec 25 & 26
    (Christmas & Boxing Day)

Hours of Operation (Meridian RV Rental Department)

Rental Season: April to October | Monday to Saturday 8:30am - 5:00pm

Off Season: November to March | Monday to Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm

Closed Sundays and holidays

Rental Procedures

Renter/Principal Driver/Credit Card Holder

Motorhomes will only be released to the individual who made the initial booking or to any additional drivers listed, provided that the primary renter, as identified in the booking confirmation, is present at the pickup location on the designated day. Third parties will not be authorized to collect the vehicle. If the primary renter, whose name is on the confirmation invoice, is not physically present during the vehicle pickup, lacks a valid credit card, or fails to provide their original driver's license, the reservation will be deemed void, and any pre-paid funds will be forfeited. No exceptions will be made to these stipulations.

Meridian RV has the right, and legal obligation, to deny a renter the motorhome when the renter seems not capable to drive a motorhome.

Customer Check-In Form

To expedite the pickup process on the designated day, we request that all customers complete the Customer Check-In form and submit it to Meridian RV no later than 14 days before their first rental day. This form is included with your booking confirmation, and can also be downloaded here.

Customer Check-In (English)

Pick-Up Appointment

RV pickup appointments are scheduled between 11:00am and 3:00pm. These appointment times are set in advance and cannot be modified to ensure an efficient process at our station. We request all customers to be ready to collect their units at the appointed time. To receive an appointment time, renters need to contact our station either the day before their rental, between 3:00pm to 4:30pm, or on the morning of their rental, between 8:30am and 9:00am. Our station is closed on Sundays and holidays. For extended weekends, call a day or two in advance.

Transport To/From Meridian RV

Return transport from Vancouver/YVR to our Port Coquitlam station is available for a fee. Transfer vehicles can accommodate a maximum of 4 passengers. If your group exceeds 4 persons, it will be necessary to book an additional Return Transport. For passengers traveling with wheelchairs or scooters, please inform Meridian RV at the time of booking to make suitable arrangements. Child car seats are not supplied for transport to/from our station. In consideration of limited storage space, we recommend adhering to the guidelines of 1 suitcase or an equivalent, (with a maximum weight of 23kg) and 1 carry-on bag (with a maximum weight of 8kg) per person, in line with airline regulations for economy passengers. We do not offer transportation for items such as bicycles (or bicycles in carrying cases), or large equipment.

Transport Before RV Pick-Up

Transport to the station is scheduled between 9:00am and 2:00pm. Customers are expected to be ready for pickup at the time advised and only from one location as specified in their booking. To ensure a smooth pickup process, customers should be prepared in a visible and easily accessible location. Service cannot be guaranteed if the customer has not contacted the station by 9:00am on pick-up day.

Transport after RV Drop-Off

Following drop-off, transport is provided to a single location as specified in the booking. Customers are to inform Meridian RV of their desired drop-off location on the pick-up day at the latest.

Parking at Meridian RV

Customers wishing to park their cars (excluding rental cars or vehicles owned by individuals not present at the station) overnight at Meridian RV must specify this when making their reservation, and a fee will apply. On pick-up day, customers are required to provide their car keys and a copy of the insurance papers so that their vehicle can be relocated to our back parking lot. Valet parking is at the owner`s risk. Overnight parking is not allowed in the front lot. If a private vehicle is left there without notifying our rental staff, a fee may apply.

RV Pick-Up

All individuals listed as a driver on the Rental Agreement must be present at the rental station during the RV pick-up. The Security Deposit can only be made using a valid Mastercard, Visa, or AMEX.

Pick-up appointments can take 1.5 to 2 hours, allowing time for paperwork, a demonstration of the unit, and time to load your belongings. If a renter fails to arrive at our station at the scheduled pick-up time, it might be necessary to re-schedule the pick-up. While Meridian RV will make every effort to accommodate the RV pick-up on the same day, it's important to understand that scheduled pick-up appointments of other customers will not be delayed or interrupted.

Delayed customer arrival, regardless of the cause, does not entitle the renter to free cancellations, alterations to travel dates, services outside regular business hours, or similar requests. At the time of pick-up, Meridian RV reserves the right to deny a rental to any renter or driver who is deemed unfit to operate an RV, in violation of our Terms and Conditions, or displaying aggressive behaviour. In such cases, prepaid funds will be forfeited.

One Pick-Up Appointment per Booking

An extra fee of $100 applies if a customer wants another driver added on the Rental Agreement after the unit has been picked up. The additional driver would have to be physically present at the rental station for a revised Rental Agreement, a demonstration of the unit, and for the explanation of the Insurance Terms and Conditions.

Unexpected Customer Delay During Pick-Up

In the event of a delayed pick-up procedure due to an issue encountered by the renter, such as a declined credit card or forgotten driver's license, and it is not possible to complete the pick-up process before the next scheduled renters, the pick-up will be rescheduled. The renter responsible for the delay does not have the right to receive service after business hours, and there will be no refund for unused nights.

Required Security Deposits

Security Deposits must be made with credit cards only and will be processed.

All renters are required to pay a Security Deposit at pick-up according to their insurance coverage with Meridian RV. Premiums for Basic Insurance are included in all nightly rental rates. We accept Mastercard, Visa & American Express for the Security Deposit (no cash, wire transfers, debit cards, or prepaid credit cards). Please note that credit cards must be valid for at least six months after drop-off date. Security Deposits are refunded at drop-off provided the unit has been returned on time, there is no damage, it's clean on the inside and outside, all equipment is present and undamaged, the holding tanks are all empty, the gas tank is full (prior to checking in unit), and no damage claims have been made. In all cases, the exchange rate difference between the deposit collected at pick-up, and the refund given at drop-off, is the renter's responsibility.

RV Rental by Category

Renters rent an RV category, not a Make, Model or floor plan. Interior design, measurements and floor plans may differ within a category.

Illustrations on our website are a representation only of the vehicle depicted.

RV Availability & Upgrades

On rare occasions, it may be necessary to offer a unit other than the one originally booked. In such cases, Meridian RV reserves the right to substitute the unit with one of equal or greater value. Any resulting expenses (gasoline, ferry costs, etc.) would be the responsibility of the renter. Should a downgrade be necessary, Meridian RV's only obligation would be to refund the customer the cost difference between the two vehicles. It is guaranteed that in such a case the RV can accomodate the number of people confirmed with booking.

In the event the renter refuses to accept the vehicle, no refund will be offered.

Convenience Kits

Convenience kits which include bedding, towels, dishes, cutlery, cooking utensils, pots, and pans, are available for rent. One per person is required.

Extra Items

Additional items are available to rent and can be pre-booked in advance. Subject to availability.

Bike Racks

Meridian RV cannot be held responsible in cases where customer-owned bikes do not fit the bike rack provided by Meridian RV. It's the responsibility of the renter to ensure that their bikes are compatible with the provided bike rack.


Rented portable GPS devices are equipped with the latest maps provided by the GPS provider. Meridian RV holds no responsibility and will not compensate for any expenses or charges incurred (such as extra fuel or additional kilometres driven) arising from the renter's use of outdated or incorrect maps, or non-updated and incorrect pre-installed GPS systems in certain motorhomes. To enhance the renter's experience and avoid such issues, it is recommended that customers verify the functionality of the rented portable GPS on the pick-up day, ensuring it is up-to-date and operating properly.

Full replacement costs are charged for lost or damaged equipment.

Luggage Storage

Storage of empty suitcases is available and subject to availability and at the owner`s risk.

Repairs and Breakdowns While on the Road

The possibility of (mechanical) failure or breakdown is an inherent risk associated with the rental of an RV. Any repairs (or replacement parts) costing less than $100 do not require prior authorization from Meridian RV before servicing. We require the customer to exercise prudence in handling and operating our rental vehicles. Any expenses that occur due to abuse, misuse or negligence, will not be reimbursed.

Reimbursement will be provided at drop-off when both a receipt and the part replaced are presented to one of our rental staff. When the cost of repairs is more than $100, customers must contact Meridian RV first for authorization. In all cases, the renter will not be reimbursed for loss of time, transportation costs, inconvenience, food loss, or any other expenses resulting from repairs to their unit. Please note: Meridian RV will not offer refunds or repairs while on the road for malfunctioning or damaged back-up cameras, generators, television sets or awnings. These are additional items that are offered to customers at no charge. Although Meridian RV makes every effort to repair these items when they malfunction, at times there is not enough time to do so in between rentals. In such cases, Meridian RV is under no obligation to contact the next renter picking up the unit about the issue.

Violation to the Rental Agreement

If there is violation to the Rental Agreement, the renter is responsible for any and all loss of or damage to the motorhome from any cause (regardless of fault), and all related costs (loss of unit rental income included).

The Rental Agreement is governed by the law in force in the Province of British Columbia, Canada.


Mechanical problems should be solved as quickly as possible to avoid becoming an imposition and later a complaint. In general, there is no refund given if a renter does not inform Meridian RV within 24 hours of the problem`s occurence (during regular business hours), or if a renter does not take the necessary steps required to fix the problem (e.g. driving to a repair shop). In no case will Meridian RV compensate the renter for a reasonable amount of time lost, transportation fees, loss of foodstuff, or other expenses that may be caused by the issue at hand and the execution of necessary repairs. Neither does Meridian RV accept any liability for any inconvenience arising from any temporary defects or stoppage in supply of water, gas, electricity or plumbing, nor will Meridian RV accept any liability for any loss or damage caused by weather conditions, natural disaster, acts of God, or other reasons beyond its control.

Please, note that repair shops are not open on Sundays and holidays and not on business days after 5pm.

Customers are neither permitted to carry out improper repairs by themselves and/or to authorize them, nor to make unauthorized changes to the interior of the rented RV.

Report for Required Repairs

It is the responsibility of the renter to inform Meridian RV within 24 hours if anything is damaged, in need of repair, or not working properly (even if the renter feels it doesn`t need to be taken care of while they are on the road). This is so that Meridian RV can already order parts, schedule technicians, etc. to get the problem fixed on drop-off day before the next customer will pick up the motorhome. Meridian RV needs to be informed about windshield damages as well, so that the windshield replacement can already be scheduled for drop-off day. It is usually not necessary to get a windshield replaced during the RV trip, but if really necessary, it requires Meridian RV`s prior authorization.


Although all Meridian RVs come equipped with a generator, a working generator is not guaranteed for any booking.

Generator use is free of charge, but no excessive use is permitted. It is recommended not to use the generator for more than 1 hour per day.


The renter is liable for damage caused by overheating/freezing of any vehicle system.


A vehicle breakdown is a mechanical failure of a motor vehicle in such a way that the underlying problem prevents the vehicle from being operated at all, or impedes the vehicle`s operation so much, that it is difficult, nearly impossible, or even dangerous to operate.

If the renter`s motorhome vacation is interrupted by an automotive mechanical breakdown for more than 12 working hours after reporting such matter to Meridian RV (during business hours), the renter will be reimbursed the gross daily rate. Meridian RV`s responsibility is limited to the refund of the daily gross rate. Defects on radio, CD, TV, DVD, generator, air conditioner, microwave, cruise control, awning, etc. are not considered to be mechanical breakdowns and excluded from refunds.


If a unit requires towing, this must be arranged through Roadside Assistance (24/7). If any other towing service is used without Meridian RV`s prior authorization, towing costs will not be reimbursed.

Repairs (if RV is not drivable)

If an inoperable vehicle cannot be repaired within two full work days, Meridian RV will make all reasonable efforts to provide a renter with a replacement unit, as long as the reason for the breakdown is not the result of a renter`s abuse or misuse of the rented vehicle or their negligence and if the unit has not been driven in restricted areas. If a replacement unit cannot be provided, Meridian RV will refund the daily rate for all unused rental days which is considered full settlement. Meridian RV will not reimburse the renter for hotel accomodation, loss of prepaid campground reservations, prepaid ferry reservations, etc. Even if a unit is not drivable anymore, it must be used for sleeping at night, whenever and wherever possible. Only if this is not possible, hotel accommodation (max. nightly rental gross rate) will be reimbursed after Meridian RV`s authorization.


Meridian RV will make all reasonable efforts to assist the renter to obtain help or arrange repairs, subject to the location of the motorhome and business hours of the repair shop.

A reimbursement for inconvenience or loss of vacation time is only considered if Meridian RV is informed about an issue at the earliest opportunity within 24 hours of occurrence and has a chance to take care of the problem. The renter must be willing to cooperate (e.g. drive to a repair shop).

RV Drop-Off/Rental Returns

Returns take place between 08:30 and 10:00, on a first-come-first-serve basis. All renters must be physically present at drop-off, and cannot send someone in their place to close their contract. Customers are not permitted to leave their units in the Meridian RV parking lot and leave the premises without first closing their rental contracts with one of our rental staff (or a $500 fee would apply). We also ask that motorhomes are not parked on the road in front of Meridian RV overnight, as it puts them at risk of damage and is prohibited by the city (subject to a $300 charge by Meridian RV). Due to operational and safety reasons it is not permitted to block customer parking spots or the drop-off lane to pack suitcases, clean the RV, etc. The time spent on the drop-off lane must be kept as short as possible. The RV is supposed to be driven on the Meridian RV lot ready for inspection.

If a renter ignores Meridian RV`s policies and operating hours and forces Meridian RV staff, due to unreasonable behavior, to accept a drop-off after 5pm with the threat otherwise just to leave the RV unlocked on the road or similar, Meridian RV will charge a fee of $500 in addition to the late fee.

All service necessary from Meridian RV staff due to the renter breaching Meridian RV`s Terms and Conditions will be subject to an additional fee to cover the overtime hours of staff (fee is set by Management, depending on the situation).

Damage to Motorhome

If the motorhome has any damage and/or the renter was involved in an accident, the unit is to be returned as early as possible on drop-off day, but by 9:30am latest. The Accident Report (see Rental Guidebook) must be filled in completely beforehand.

Only Meridian RV Mfg. Ltd. carries out or delegates repair work after drop-off. The renter has no right to interfere with the repair process.

Late Returns

If a unit has not been returned by 10:00am on the scheduled drop-off day, the renter may incur additional charges and longer wait times.

Early Returns

We allow early drop-offs, but customers will not be given a refund for lost days. If customers plan to drop off early, we ask them to contact Meridian RV at least 2 days in advance to advise Meridian RV rental staff. Units dropped off during our regular drop-off period (between 8:30am and 10:00am) will be checked in on a first-come-first-serve basis. After that pick-up appointments are scheduled, so customers dropping off early would have to wait until rental staff is available to check their unit in. No units will be checked in after 3:00pm.

Potential Charges at Drop-Off

Customers should comply with the Rental Terms & Conditions to avoid incurring these potential additional charges:

  1. Fuel tank not full: $50 plus the cost of gas
  2. Holding tanks not empty: $25 per tank
  3. Smoking or vaping in unit: $500
  4. Pets in RV: $500
  5. RV not clean inside and outside: $100 - $300, depending on the condition
  6. Travelling beyond the 2,000 km radius: $1,000

Lost/Left Items

Meridian RV does not provide mailing services for left items and will only kept them for a maximum of 2 weeks after the drop-off date. Customers who want their items mailed are to make their own shipping arrangements and inform Meridian RV about the pickup date. Meridian RV is not responsible for the loss or damage of any items left behind.

Responsibility of Renter

When on the road we require renters to exercise prudence in handling and operating our rental vehicles. Misuse and failure to exercise due care and attention in their operation may result in damage charges. Please note that the renter is also responsible for routine on-the-road maintenance, which includes checking tire pressure, engine oil levels, and coolant levels, at every other refueling. Renters will be held responsible for any damage that occurs when regular maintenance is neglected.

Renters must inform Meridian RV within 24 hours about any damage, malfunction, windshield damage, etc. so that Meridian RV can initiate necessary steps in order to avoid inconvenience for the next customer.

Rental Guidebook

Each renter receives a Rental Guidebook for their trip.

Please note that camping may include some inconvenience because of bad weather conditions, wildfires, mosquitos or bugs, mice, closed roads, crowded campgrounds, etc. which is not under Meridian RV`s control.

Meridian RV wishes the customers will have nothing but positive experiences during their RV trip and do not encounter any serious problem.

Enjoy your Canadian RV adventure!



In the event of an accident, damage to vehicle, fire, vandalism, or theft, renters are required to do all the following or their insurance and the Limited Risk 'CDR' Plan would be void:

Contact Meridian RV and the Police within 24 hours of occurrence; provide Meridian RV with a copy of a police report or file number at drop-off (if the police do not file a report, the renter must show proof that the incident was reported to authorities, and for this purpose a written note or business card is sufficient); fill out an accident report form (form to be found in Rental Guidebook); take pictures of the damage to the unit and accident scene.

Should a unit be damaged beyond repair due to an accident, Meridian RV is under no obligation to replace the unit, nor will they be required to refund the customer for unused rental days.

In all cases, personal items and personal injuries are not covered by insurance.

Basic Insurance/Limited Risk 'CDR' Plan

All Meridian RV motorhomes are insured for $5,000,000 Third Party Liability coverage (public liability and collision). Premiums for this Basic Insurance are included in all rental rates with a deductible of $7,500 per occurrence, plus taxes (Security Deposit of $7,500 at pick-up). Customers can upgrade to the Limited Risk 'CDR' Plan, for $25 per day. The Limited Risk 'CDR' Plan lowers the deductible to $1,500 per occurrence, plus taxes (Security Deposit to $1,500 at pick-up).

If you would like insurance information for travel trailer rentals click here.

Insurance Claims

If a renter is involved in an incident, Meridian RV will hold their security deposit for the maximum deductible amount as per their coverage, and for a period ranging from 1-8 months in duration. Please note that the insurance company controls the speed at which the claim is processed, not Meridian RV. The final cost to the customer will be the maximum deductible charge (plus taxes), where expenses include--but are not limited to--damage to the Meridian RV vehicle, damage to third party property, injury claims, towing charges, storage fees, insurance adjuster fees and legal fees. In the event the unit is stolen or rendered inoperable, our insurance does not cover accommodations, transportation, or vehicle replacement costs. Please note that for all insurance claims (including private insurance), customers will be charged a fee of $100 to cover the cost of administrative services provided by Meridian RV in handling their claim.

Damage Not Covered By Insurance or Limited Risk 'CDR' Plan

If a renter causes damage to their unit that is not covered by insurance, Meridian RV will not refund their security deposit on drop-off day and will hold either the maximum deductible amount (plus taxes) or predicted estimate amount—whichever is higher—until the official estimate for the cost of repairs has been determined. This can take up to 5 business days.

Damages, also those not covered by insurance, must be reported to Meridian RV immediately/within 24 hours.

Insurance Coverage Through a Third Party or ICBC

It is recommended the customer examines all their private insurance options and what is covered by them. It is the renter`s responsibility to re-claim their final costs from the third party provider/insurer. Meridian RV will not claim the final costs on the customer`s behalf.

While the renter is in possession of the rented motorhome, the renter is fully responsible for it. The renter has to avoid all situations that would put the rented motorhome at risk, and is also liable for all consequences resulting from breaking traffic rules.

If a customer declares the rented RV stolen, the customer must drop off the RV keys as soon as possible, but on the official drop-off day as per Rental Agreement latest.

No insurance coverage if keys are not returned to Meridian RV.

Most damages occur while reversing. For this reason, a second person must guide the driver from outside when the vehicle is moving backwards.

For a hit & run or vandalism, the renter must not move the vehicle before they contact the police.

If no cell phone reception or no cell phone available, ask somebody to call or go to the nearest gas station or similar and call from there.



Motorhome Rentals Basic Insurance Limited Risk 'CDR' Plan
Cost to Renter No Charge $25 per day
Security Deposit at Pick-Up $7500 $1500

Deductible Per Occurrence

Motorhome Rentals Basic Insurance Limited Risk 'CDR' Plan
Motor Vehicle Accident $7500 $1500
Collision $7500 $1500
Fire, Hail, Storm, Flood $7500 $1500
Vandalism, Hit and Run, Theft $7500 $1500
Windshield and Glass Damage $7500 $1500
Tire Damage (due to accident only) $7500 $1500
Roof Damage $7500 $1500
Undercarriage Damage $7500 $1500
Interior Damage Not covered Not covered
Awning Damage Not covered Not covered
Slide-Out Damage Not covered Not covered

Voided Insurance/Voided Limited Risk 'CDR' Plan

When damage to a unit is the result of negligent or careless behavior, Basic Insurance and Limited Risk 'CDR' Plan are considered void (including third party liability coverage) and the renter is responsible for 100% of repair or replacement costs to their motorhome and any third party property damaged because of their negligent behavior.

Examples of negligent or careless behavior:

Hit and Run by renter or additional drivers

Roof damage caused by careless handling of unit

(includes ignoring height restrictions)

Undercarriage damage caused by careless handling of a unit

(includes damage caused by travel on gravel or unpaved roads, damage caused by bottoming out when going too fast over speed bumps, and damage caused by travel on ramps/driveways/roads that are on too steep of an incline to accommodate a motorhome)

Negligent behavior resulting in damage to unit

(includes driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; traffic violations such as running red lights, excessive speed, distracted driving, etc.; travel in restricted areas; towing of any kind; deliberate damage to unit; driving without a valid driver's license; driving when not listed on the contract as one of the drivers; and backing up without a second person outside of vehicle to guide driver)

Careless behavior resulting in damage to unit

(includes failure to maintain fluid levels, failure to use specified fuel, use of contaminated fuel, water in the fuel tank, failure to use the tow-haul feature on steep hills, overheating of any vehicle`s system, and freezing of the vehicle's water system in temperatures below zero)

Operation of vehicle by anyone under 21 years of age and/or not listed on the Rental Agreement

Damage the renter has failed to report to Meridian RV Mfg. Ltd. and the Police within 24 hours of incident